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Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Engineers

Course Number: ELA110
Course Description: This on line course is designed for technicians in the chemical industry, non-chemical engineers involved who work with or supervise chemical engineers, and legal and other professions who must interact with or manage chemical engineering work. It will overview the basics of chemical engineering calculations and design. Chemical unit operations covered include:
  • The chemical engineering profession and what it covers 
  • Safety and reactive chemical concepts, reaction stochiometry 
  • Chemical stochiometry and unit conversions 
  • Momentum, mass and energy balances 
  • Fluid flow and pumping equipment 
  • Heat transfer and heat exchangers, cooling towers 
  • Mass transfer concepts, distillation, absorption, stripping/desorption, chromatography, ion exchange, and extraction 
  • Evaporation, crystallization, filtration, and drying 
  • Solids handling, characterization, transfer, and storage 
  • Process control 
  • Polymers and plastics 
  • Tanks and process vessels 
Industrial examples are used throughout the course to demonstrate how the fundamentals of chemical engineering are applied in the real world.
Type of Course: Self-paced, on-demand
Length of Course: 30 hours
What You’ll Learn: Participants will learn the basic concepts of chemical engineering including safety and reactive chemicals, stochiometry, kinetics, mass and energy balances, pumps and fluid flow, distillation and other mass transfer operations such as absorption, stripping, and chromatography, drying, filtration, crystallization solids handling, process control, tanks and vessel basics, and cooling towers.
Who Should Attend: Engineering managers without a chemical engineering background, chemists, non-chemical engineers, patent attorneys, legal and government personnel who interface with chemical engineers and the chemical industry. Participants from any size company or industry in the chemical, petrochemical, and materials processing industries.
Professional Development Hours Awarded: 30
Continuing Education Units: 3.0
Your Instructor: Jack Hipple
About the Instructor: Jack Hipple is a 30 year veteran of the chemical industry, including responsibility for global chemical engineering research at Dow Chemical as well as its Discovery Research program. He has also managed chemical material technology projects for the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences, new product development for Ansell Edmont in the protective equipment area, and process scale up for aerogel materials at Cabot Corporation. He currently has his own consulting business, Innovation-TRIZ, providing consulting and innovation training for Fortune 500 corporations. He has been traning in chemical engineering essentials and Inventive Problem Solving ("TRIZ") for AIChE and ASME since 2002. He is a member of and does frequent presentations for the World Future Society, ASTD and PDMA chapters, and the Altshuller TRIZ Institute. His clients have included Dow Chemical, S.C. Johnson, the US Navy, GM, Siemens, FMC, Boeing, Lockheed, and SABIC Plastics. He was the Engineering Week keynoter for Raytheon in 2008.
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